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It is time to wear the most perfect shoes ever. Are you ready? 

We are so excited to welcome to our family the well-known brand "About Arianne". The shoes that we have chosen are so nice and comfortable that you might never want to take them off. Literally.

They are such a great investment and your feet will really appreciate it. Talk about being comfy and cute? We got you! Also, all of our shoes are vegan. Enjoy!

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To feel beautiful while honoring our Earth.

"One clothing at a time"

The reality is that although mass-produced clothing brands have a low cost to the consumer, the true cost of the people who make it is very high. Our mission is to help you create your dream wardrobe by finding unique sustainable garments that you can wear forever. It´s fashion, but make it kind for you, for the people, for the animals and for the planet.


  • "Good morning Elena! I just wanted to write to you because I am delighted with the dress, for the speed with which it has come and for your kind management. I also appreciate that you have put a discount code for future purchases, it's a great detail :) thank you very much again and congratulations on the project 💖🌼 Hugs!!"


  • "I ordered the dotted top from your webshop and I love it! Already got a lot of compliments about it and I feel great in it. Thank you so much. You made my day sunny with your note. "


  • "Hello Elena!! Thank you so much for my new pair of jeans!!! They fit perfectly and I will keep them for sure! I am so happy and can’t wait to wear them :) Have a wonderful day! Much love "