Why we need to say no to fast fashion.

Why we need to say no to fast fashion.

Let´s be concious of what we consume, we are so powerful because we have the possibility of choosing. So let´s choose to wear love, to wear transparency.

Fast fashion has been ruling the textile industry for so long, making weekly disposable collections with out showing us the true cost of their clothes.But there is so much hope, because we can choose, ergo we can change that! Because true fashion is not fast fashion. Because fashion is also love; for the colors, the fabric, love for how the clothes can make you feel, love for the community of women that fashion creates, for the creativity that let´s you explore, the empowerment, the cozyness, the protection, the fun and love for the enjoyment of life.

The reality is that massive clothing production hides a lot of sadness and explotaiton for the planet and for the people that makes the clothes. We didn´t want to contribute to the explotation of this innocent lives. So guess what?...  We started Ele. To be dressed with love, by love and for love.

At Ele, we know that finding beautiful, accesible, sustainable brands is not that easy, so we created this marketplace to be able to bring you a selection of well curated brands, so you don´t have to!

We are all about quality over quantity. Limited stock, over mass production. Let´s embrace slow. Let´s be mindful of what we buy and let stop contributing to the harm that fast fashion causes. 

Say no to Fast Fashion for making the prices so low, when the true cost is so high; for exploting impulse, instead of what we need, insight; for degrading garments to disposables, when clothes are so valuable. For giving material satisfaction at the expenses of human compassion.

Thank you for reading me, thank you for supporting small businesses, thank you for being love. I truly hope this has inspired you, and we can make a better world together.

I wish you beautiful day where your heart feels at so much ease. 

I honor you, I am you. 

With love and so much gratitude, 



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