Hello! I hope you are keeping well. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite self love affirmations that I like to remember to myself daily. I hope at least one of them can inspire you. Also, if you want, you can practice this while looking at a mirror. Thank you for being.


  1. I treat myself with compassion. I give myself space to just breathe. 

  2. I claim what has molded me within my past, and I am ready to realize it. 

  3. (deeply)Breathing in, I smell the flowers… (slowly ) Breathing out, I release everything that does not serve me.

  4. The tao does not take sides. It gives birth to both good and evil. The master doesn't take sides. She welcomes both saints and sinners. When people see things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad.- “Tao te Ching” 

  5. May I do one conscious thing that brings me joy today.  

  6. Peace, groundness, love. value, simplicity, ease… create harmony aka WHONESS...do more of that.

  7. Whatever is meant for me, will always be for me, so I have no reason to seek validation or competition. Repeat after me, I will never have to force anything that it's truly meant to be. What I seek, is seeking me. I trust and surrender to the beautiful process of life. 

  8.  I am so proud of you!! You are so whole, you are so loved… and this is always enough. 

  9. I am capable of creating my own reality. What a beautiful thing.

  10.  What happens is not as important as how I react to it. 




As always, thank you for reading me. I hope you get to enjoy the healing hugs of the sun on your skin today, I hope the moon connects you with your intuition so that all the abundance that it´s already seeking you, may soon manifest  in your life. I hope today you find the joy of just being. I invite you to go outside and give yourself some space so you can rediscover what it´s like to live for you, perhaps you could even climb a tree!! Really, what I am trying to express here is that we are prone to give our time a value that it doesn´t exist,. So instead of trying to fit all these activities into time to increase our value/time... let´s realize that in this very moment...there is nothing to do, there is nowhere to go, let´s say au revoir to our expectations... it´s time to simply be. I love you so much.


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