How to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Hello beautiful angels! Today, we wanted to bring you some ideas to help you build a greener closet.

First of all, I just wanted to say that every small step towards a more sustainable wardrobe counts. Don´t get caught up in things you could have not purchased, or if you really like that Zara bag that just looks like the one you were dreaming about since you were little... Nobody is perfect, not even the most sustainable brands are 100% sustainable. Remember, sustainability is not about being perfect, but about trying!

Here are a few tips that we have found super useful for a more conscious wardrobe:

  • Support small shops: Go to that local clothing store you really never entered, or support creative fashion designer on etsy to find that special sweater that will make you feel so unique! 

  • Try going vintage shopping and see what fantastic piece of clothing you fall in love with! Shopping second hand is so fun too! Also, Have you heard about online renting clothes sites? We have never tried it but sounds like such a great idea. If you like this idea, there is a web called that you can check out! If you don´t use some of your clothing anymore, you can give it a second life by gifting to a loved one or even sell it on depop or vinted! Cute. 

  • Shop sustainable brands! Having a more sustainable wardrobe is not about being perfect but about making an effort. We love clothes as much as you do. That is why at Ele we aim to provide you with some of the most well curated, sustainable brands while still remaining fashionable and with an accessible price range. Shop your new favourite staple at Ele while sending love to our planet and the people who made the beautiful clothes to be made. 
  •  Last but not least, be kind to yourself. Your body is your vessel, put on the clothes that make you feel your best. A more sustainable wardrobe means a more loving heart. Love yourself first, take care of yourself, experiment with your style and deeply enjoy your body. You are so powerful, you are so beautiful and you are an unrepeatable creation. Dedicate yourself to your art. You are so valuable and you deserve all the love. Try being kind to yourself and have fun through fashion! 

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