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Make love, not CO2.

At Ele, every purchase is climate neutral.

The world must become net-zero by 2050 to limit the worst effects of climate change. This means that we can not produce more gases than our Earth can absorb.

But why?

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) - or carbon emissions - are a form of air pollution. GHGs change the earth’s climate by trapping heat. As humans put more GHGs into the atmosphere, the planet’s atmospheric insulation changes and CO2 emissions also increase.  Additionally, we extract carbon (oil, coal, etc.) from the deeper earth levels. Burning coal and oil emits more CO2e into the atmosphere. We also reduce our forests and pollute our oceans, the major sinks of CO2, which leads to a higher level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Why is more CO2e in the atmosphere bad for us?

The reason is that the radiation of the sun gets trapped by CO2e. As the radiation is less reflected, our planet gets warmer and warmer.

The change in climate occurs in all regions of the world. While some will experience extreme flooding and rainfall, others deal with drought and extreme heatwaves. When polar ice and glaciers melt, it causes sea levels to rise and is a danger to the coastal areas. Heavy rainfall leads to flooding and decreasing water quality, which can be especially true for developing countries. However, developed regions, also have to face the consequences such as frequent wildfires caused by drought or new emerging diseases. 

All these consequences pose a risk to human health, wildlife, the economy and society. We can already see the increase in water-borne diseases and heat-related deaths. Meanwhile, flora and fauna are also struggling to cope to adapt to such rapid changes in the environment. Many animals have already moved to new locations, while some were lost forever. Finally, there is a huge loss of infrastructure and pressure on health organizations due to natural disasters. Sectors that will suffer from climate change the most are agriculture and tourism. 

What are the most powerful ways to influence climate change?

The best way to drive positive change on an individual level is to transform habits and behavior. From trying a wholefoods plant-based diet to choosing cycling over cars, or initiating a conversation about the effects of climate change. Every little action matters.

As we know, we are continuously creating greenhouse emissions.  At Ele, we take responsibility for our emissions and contribute to climate change projects which reduce CO2 and prevent new emissions. This process is called “balancing” our emissions. We buy carbon offsets to reach carbon neutrality; this helps to reduce the global CO2 emissions and supports communities affected by climate change. 

We work only with highly verified projects from Gold standard. Those projects guarantee that the respective amount of carbon emission will really and effectively be reduced from the atmosphere. You can read more about GoldStandard’s verification processes here: Gold Standard Verification Process

From these highly certified projects, we have carefully selected a set of the most effective offsetting projects. All those projects rank among the top ten most effective ways to fight climate change worldwide identified by Project DrawdownWorld’s Leading Resource for Climate Solutions.


You can find out more about our carbon-neutral shipping policy here.